Housing Committee Charter

Establishment of Special Housing Committee Peninsula Covenant Church, Inc.

WHEREAS, the Bylaws of Peninsula Covenant Church, Inc. (PCC) provide for the establishment of Special committees, as they deem necessary for the ministry of the church.

WHEREAS, at its Regular meeting on August 22, 2018, the Council of Peninsula Covenant Church voted to adopt a Housing Policy. The housing policy is attached hereto as Exhibit A, and provides creation of a standing Housing Committee.  

WHEREAS, the Officers of PCC desire to proscribe the role, function, and membership of a new Special Housing Committee, in order to carry out the said policy, and to honor recommendations of the former Special Housing Committee (members: Doug Morton, Scott Armienti, Jon Pedley, Maureen Becker, Lori Burrows Warren, and Nicole Bergeron).

NOW, THEREFORE, the Special Housing Committee is established as follows:

  1.   The Housing Committee shall be an independent body with members other than the Officers and Lead Pastor of PCC.
  2.   The members of the Special Housing Committee shall be at least three (3), but no more than five (5). Eligible for membership are former members of Council (including former officers), and current or former officers of Aslan Housing Foundation. Members shall be appointed as needed by the Officers of PCC, or on nomination by the Council or Lead Pastor. Within its discretion, the Officers of PCC may also call for the Nominating Committee to interview candidates for the Housing Committee. The Housing Committee shall have the discretion to appoint their own chair or officers. All members of the Housing Committee will be members of PCC.
  1.   The Housing Committee shall report in writing each month to the Officers on its current membership, decisions, and any other pertinent information deemed by the Committee to be appropriate for disclosure to the Officers, at least five days before the regular Officers’ meeting. As needed or required, a member of the Housing Committee will be available to present to the Officers’ meeting.
  2.   The Housing Committee is empowered as follows:
  • To determine whether to award housing to current employees or as part of any offer of employment, whether transitional or otherwise;
  • To determine the terms, conditions, and amounts of any rental subsidy or housing assistance provided to any employee of PCC;
  • To determine the rates, conditions, and obligations under any rental agreement between PCC and its employees;
  • To determine the terms and conditions of any proposed co-tenancy agreement (including equity shares, down payment assistance, or other home purchase program) between PCC and an employee of PCC, and to monitor and enforce the terms of all existing co-tenancy agreements;
  • To make any other housing determination, pursuant to a request by the Officers of PCC or Officers of Aslan Housing Foundation.
  • Subject to the foregoing, the Communications Pastor may develop more user friendly description of the purpose, criteria, process, and decision-making authority for use by the Housing Committee.
  1.   The Housing Committee, upon receiving a request by the Officers of PCC to render a housing decision, shall thoroughly review the request and shall apply its quantitative and qualitative model in making its determination. The minutes of the Housing Committee, and its interviews with the employees of PCC (including all underlying financial information), shall remain confidential.
  2.   The Housing Committee shall promptly communicate to the Officers of PCC its determination on a particular housing decision, which shall thereupon be approved by the Officers (understood to be a matter of form, unless in the case such approval would otherwise be a breach of the fiduciary duties of the Officers), and executed by the Staff.
  3. The Housing Committee shall automatically renew each year unless otherwise determined by the Officers, pursuant to PCC’s bylaws on Special Committees.