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Path to the Promised Land

Look, if homeownership is the Promised Land of stability and building a future, then renting in the market is Egypt! Aslan helps staff cross over instead of letting them wander around in the housing wilderness alone.

Your generosity is of practical help and profound engagement. Instead of insecurity and fear for the future, staff can plan for a future here. You will provide safe, simple homes they can afford to rent and get them on a path to save for the next step on the Road to the Promised Land— homeownership.

Aslan’s vision is a Peninsula with thriving ministries powered by thriving staff. The biggest threat? Lack of affordable housing for singles and couples in the entry-to-mid career segment. You can change that!

You can fulfil the law of Christ by bearing the burdens of staff. You can build the Kingdom because there is less churn and chaos at the church. You!

Imagine the impact! Because of you, emerging leaders in student and family ministries have affordable homes. Because of you, PE+, Preschool, and School Age Child Care can recruit and retain gifted workers.

I want to help PCC Staff on the
Path To The Promised Land

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Real Estate

Do you have a home you could include in an estate plan? Don’t laugh, the Woodsworth and Jefferson homes were charitable gifts from PCCers.

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Do you have appreciated stock?
Save a boatload on taxes by giving shares to Aslan plus you may carry forward the value for five years.

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Tell your advisor to make a grant to Aslan from your DAF.

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As a public charity, Aslan offers the highest tax-deductibility available to donors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 3614 Farm Hill Blvd?

It’s right next door to PCC and will become a mini-village for 5 PCC staff singles or couples. It will have a 3/2, a 1/1, and a 1/1 all with separate entrances. Aslan and PCC together own six homes: two 3-bedrooms and four 4-bedrooms. This is wonderful for large established families. However, in deep talks with PCC, the Lead Team anticipates the need to hire younger staff to fill open positions, hold down costs, and balance our currently top-heavy org chart. It is also much less expensive to acquire one parcel and then nest on it multiple units—like a triplex.

Where are singles and couples residing now?

It’s a real mix. A handful of Christ-following property owners from PCC and other churches provide homes at below-market. This is a huge blessing. However, there is no assurance that those properties will remain accessible to PCC staff—they’re privately held

This all sounds exciting—and complicated. Does Aslan have the expertise to make this work?

Aslan is run by a seasoned group of executives with deep experience in real estate, development, law, philanthropy, insurance, planning, and finance. We have a team of advisors that provide strategic and tactical assistance.

How will Aslan spend the funds raised?

  • $1.6 Million towards a down payment on a $2.5 Million fourplex—because below market rents for staff can only cover Aslan’s mortgage and expenses if the down payment is large.
  • $660K for the next acquisition—let’s do an equity share with some of our more senior staff who rent and need help to buy here.
  • $100K for organizational reserves—Aslan is transparent and well-run. Reserves are essential to good stewardship. The Woodsworth and Jefferson homes came to us with zero reserves for repairs and maintenance. These properties and the fourplex should have a reserve fund.
  • $640K for operational expenses for the next 5 years—we run on a mix of donations and earned rental income to provide property management, maintenance, staff coaching, and other services to PCC staff. Aslan is basically PCC’s housing subsidiary. Like PCC—and most nonprofits—we rely on fundraising from individuals to get the job done. The work has been underfunded for years. You can change that!

Is PCC on board with this plan?

Absolutely. This concept has been scrubbed multiple times with the lay and staff leaders of PCC. They are providing time (staff input), talent (analysis), treasure (PCC equity share proceeds), and testimony (just ask Gary!).

How can I set up a monthly gift?

Yes. Go to our website www.aslan.org or give us a call 650-569-0909 and we’ll set it up with a credit card or EFT.

How can I transfer appreciated stock or IPO stock?

Easy. Go to our website www.aslan.org or give us a call 650-569-0909 and we’ll share a form for your broker.

I have a Donor Advised Fund; can Aslan accept a distribution?

Yes! Just tell your advisor: Aslan Housing Foundation, EIN: 83-0913511, for the purpose of Path To The Promised Land, and how you’d like to be recognized. They know the drill.

Can you help me with the legal work involved in transferring a home?

Absolutely. Reach out to our CEO, an attorney, for help and coordination with your legal team: nicole@aslan.org

My employer matches donations, does Aslan qualify?

Yes. Aslan does not discriminate in housing and therefore corporate matches are a no-brainer. Give your liaison our EIN: 83-0913511. We are also listed on Benevity.

Can I make a pledge instead of an outright gift now?

Yes, please! We don’t need all the cash at once, so this is a great option. Send our CEO an email at nicole@aslan.org to set it up.

Can I make a gift from my estate?

Bequests are such a game-changer! Yes, please, join the other donors who have done the same thing with Aslan. Imagine, if PCC had been included in estates these last 20 years, how much more we would already have to tackle staff housing. We can provide you with language to take to your wills and trusts lawyer. We can also suggest Christ-followers who specialize in this area of law if you are not already represented. Our CEO is an attorney and can get you pointed in the right direction, but she will not represent you herself (conflict alert!). nicole@aslan.org

Will funds I give benefit only PCC?

All assets Aslan receives from the corporate entity of PCC are dedicated to PCC staff housing and are accounted for strictly. All assets at Aslan from any source are irrevocably dedicated to religious purposes. As a Type III Functionally Integrated Supporting Organization of PCC, all of our work fulfills the mission of PCC. This unique mix of flexibility and fidelity allows us to serve PCC’s mission broadly. It also provides an oversight mechanism that the state and federal public agencies (IRS, BOE, AG) track. As PCC itself has come to realize, restricted gifts from individual donors are a hassle to administer. You can certainly restrict your gift to Aslan, but it ties the hands of Aslan if you make the restriction super strict. If you feel strongly about imposing restrictions, let us know and we can accommodate your request. We take this aspect of stewardship and trust very seriously. Reach our CEO at nicole@aslan.org

How can we be sure that Aslan has the expertise to manage all of this?

Glad you asked! Aslan’s board has three former PCC Officers (our CEO, Chair, and Treasurer). The board is comprised of an architect, a builder, a wealth manager, a real estate agent, a city planner, a CFO, a marketing whiz, an HR professional, an Airbnb host, a property manager, an insurance expert, and an attorney. We have an amazing tech stack. Our accountants and bookkeeper are experienced with ministries throughout Silicon Valley and we file annual returns with the IRS. We have a Platinum Seal from

Guidestar. We report to PCC quarterly and the ECC annually. We’re very transparent and take our stewardship seriously.

Will Aslan go into debt on this acquisition?

Well, you are certainly welcome to help us avoid that! Seriously though, we are working very closely with National Covenant Properties—in a first for the denomination, they will be lending to us for staff housing. This is a big deal! We have run very detailed forecasts, known as pro forma, that show projected costs, reflect inflation, build reserves, and use below-market rents. We have plenty of collateral. What we really need is a big down payment, so the cash flow works. Join us in making this a reality!

How fancy is this place going to be?

On a continuum of Economy>Practical>Premium>Luxury, Aslan’s sweet spot is Practical. Think Target for a store, Weber for a grill, Subaru for a car. We want a clean, well-lit place for staff to seek respite from their pastoral duties. Fancy? No. But a place PCC can be proud of? Yes!

Who will manage the property?

Aslan is already managing the Woodsworth and Jefferson homes we now own. We use a roster of vendors that Todd Gumbrecht developed for maintenance and repairs. We have clear property management standards. We also support Christ-following property owners ‘turn’ and ‘list’ their properties for below-market rental to ministry staff. So, while we will expand our staffing to accommodate the four units, this is not our first rodeo!

Beautiful Day was great, will Aslan hold one to spruce up the fourplex?

Why not? We want to engage as many stakeholders as possible. Everyone has a role to play and Beautiful Days are a great way for families, small groups, and other teams to bless staff housing. Let us know if you’d like to volunteer at info@aslan.org

Can I help fix up the place?

You bet! We need more mission-aligned tradespeople who will work for cost or at a low fee. We have the PCC Fix-It Team onboard, too! Let us know how you’d like to help: info@aslan.org

I’m in a Small Group, how can we help?

Pray! Also, consider pooling your dollars and funding a mortgage payment, once or monthly.

What real estate experts are you working with?

The Aslan Agent Team is on it! Lori Burrows Warren, Pam Tyson, and Andy Chang. Depending on the nature of different deals, they work for commission due to requirements of their brokerages…but then donate back to Aslan. Some transactions that are not on the market can be done without commissions. We know, we know, zero commissions would be ideal, but these professionals add tremendous value and energy to our pursuit of staff housing solutions.

Why don’t you just build something on campus?

Ok, this is a long answer but an important one. Aslan doesn’t set PCC strategy it supports it through the provision of housing for staff. PCC leadership is aware that it is time to rethink the use of PCC’s amazing campus. With the housing crisis, should we build affordable housing for mission-aligned workforces like RCSD educators or nonprofit ministries like Generations United—and not just PCC staff housing? What a witness to the community that would be! Should we create a mixed-use project with affordable housing, ministry offices, and meeting facilities—do people still need offices? The pandemic and the house church model are changing how we ‘do’ church. Is simply replacing Fellowship Hall the best idea? How much parking is necessary with these changes? Does PCC want most of its staff living up on the hill or would we prefer staff to live throughout RWC to support neighborhood ministry? This kind of analysis requires a lot from PCC and they just aren’t ‘there yet’ in their thinking. PCC and Aslan agree that the immediate need for housing cannot wait until this is figured out. Aslan is committed to supporting PCC in the analysis and in co-creating on-campus housing solutions if that is desired. Until then, it makes the most sense to acquire an off-campus property for two reasons: 1) it can be purchased now, and 2) it can be sold if/when plans change.

We know these FAQs can’t anticipate every question.
We are happy to talk further. Just call! 650-569-0909

Aslan Scriptural Guideposts

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us… Ephesians 3:20

  • Key Concept: God’s capacity and imagination exceed ours

The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. For Scripture says, “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”
1 Timothy 5:17-18

  • Key Concept: We are called to honor ministry professionals through provision.

Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

  • Key Concept: Obedience to Christ requires us to support one another.

Don’t you know that those who serve in the temple get their food from the temple, and that those who serve at the altar share in what is offered on the altar? In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.
1 Corinthians 9:13-14

  • Key Concept: It is a command of God that ministry professionals receive their living from their church community.

You are helping to raise $2,495,000 towards:

    • $1.6 Million to purchase the King House (land and existing home).
    • $190K to purchase, permit, and place a 1/1 ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) in the backyard of the King House.
    • $160K to make required structural upgrades to the main house and create a legal JADU (Junior ADU) at the King House
    • $475K operations
    • $70K organizational reserves

Good news
we have raised $2,299,987!

Including a $750,000 loan from the National Covenant Properties.

Help us raise the last $200,000!

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Mailing Address:  3560 Farm Hill Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94061