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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up a monthly gift?

Visit this donation link and select “Show my support by making this a monthly donation” or give us a call at 650-569-0909 and we’ll set it up with a credit card or EFT.

How can I transfer appreciated stock or IPO stock?

Easy. Access the stock form here or give us a call at 650-569-0909 and we’ll share a form for your broker.

I have a Donor Advised Fund; can Aslan accept a distribution?

Your advisor knows the drill. Tell them: Aslan Housing Foundation, EIN: 83-0913511, how you’d like to be recognized, and the specific purpose if you have one (hot tip: unrestricted gifts are always most useful to ministries and churches!).

Can you help me with the legal work involved in transferring a home?

Yes, we would love to help you. Reach out to
[email protected] for help and coordination with our legal team.

My employer matches donations, does Aslan qualify?

Aslan does not discriminate in housing and therefore corporate matches are a no-brainer. Give your liaison our EIN: 83-0913511. We are also listed on Benevity.

Can I make a pledge instead of an outright gift now?

Yes, please!
We don’t need all the cash at once, so this is a great option. Send our CEO an email at [email protected] to set it up.

Can I make a gift from my estate?

Bequests are such a game-changer!
Yes, please, join the other donors who have done the same thing with Aslan. Imagine, if your ministry had been included in estates over the years, how much more you would already have to tackle staff housing. We can provide you with language to take to your wills and trusts lawyer. We can also suggest tax and legal experts who specialize in this area of law if you are not already represented. Our CEO is an attorney and can get you pointed in the right direction, but she will not represent you herself (conflict alert!). [email protected]

Can I restrict my gift? Should I?

Aslan respects donor intent and has strong financial controls to ensure your wishes are followed. Whether from an individual or an entity (say, PCC or another church), all assets Aslan receives are dedicated to staff housing purposes and are accounted for strictly.  All assets at Aslan from any source are irrevocably dedicated to these missional purposes. As a Type III Functionally Integrated Supporting Organization of PCC, all of our work fulfills the mission of PCC. (This unique mix of flexibility and fidelity allows us to serve PCC’s mission broadly. It also provides an oversight mechanism that the state and federal public agencies (IRS, BOE, AG) track. As PCC itself has come to realize, restricted gifts from individual donors are a hassle to administer. You can certainly restrict your gift to Aslan, but it ties the hands of Aslan if you make the restriction super strict. If you feel strongly about imposing restrictions, let us know and we can accommodate your request. We take this aspect of stewardship and trust very seriously. Reach our CEO at [email protected]

How can we be sure that Aslan has the expertise to manage all of this?

We know these FAQs can’t anticipate every question.

We are happy to talk further. Just call! 650-569-0909

Glad you asked!
Aslan’s board has three former PCC Officers (our CEO, Chair, and Treasurer). The board is comprised of an architect, a builder, a wealth manager, a renter, a CFO, an HR executive, a property manager, an insurance expert, and an attorney. We have an amazing tech stack. Our accountants and bookkeeper are experienced with ministries throughout Silicon Valley and we file annual returns with the IRS. We have a Platinum Seal from Guidestar. We report to PCC quarterly and the ECC annually. We’re very transparent and take our stewardship seriously.

We know these FAQs can’t anticipate every question.

We are happy to talk further.
Just call! 650-569-0909

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