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Aslan Consulting Services

Aslan advises churches and ministries! We work with lay leadership teams and staff to support the creation of affordable housing solutions. After an initial free consultation, we will jointly decide what kind of support is needed.

Sometimes, it’s a quick call with one pastor. Easy. Other times, it’s a full engagement with a board or finance team.  Our consulting fees are very reasonable—we’re a ministry, too! The alternative is to wing it alone or pay market rates for subject matter professionals. The go-it-alone strategy either succumbs to inertia or a lack of stakeholder buy-in. The idea never gets past the thought stage. We get it—Sunday comes every Sunday. Running a church is relentless work. The full-freight market approach costs way too much. Why do that?

Regardless, you’ll want an equitable, strategic, transparent, sustainable housing program so you can manage expectations, meet needs, and attract capital. What’s our PLAYBOOK? We recommend the following steps:

  • Consult with church lay and staff leaders about the goals, priorities, values, and limits of the new housing program (what you are doing and why)
  • Establish a written housing policy to guide the program (clarity)
  • Create written criteria to award housing support to staff (who gets what)
  • Disciple stakeholders and advocate for support of the program (get buy-in, raise funds)
  • Create the document stack, marketing collateral, and processes to support the acquisition, rental, and/or management of affordable housing for staff (awareness, deal flow, benchmarks)
  • Retain and coordinate with subject-matter professionals to support the program or a specific project or deal (tax, legal, real estate, investment, insurance)

Overwhelmed? We were when we started, too. Save time and money, let Aslan help. We’re mission-aligned and laser-focused on ministry housing.


At Peninsula Covenant Church, the new campus-wide Policy led to an on-campus housing solution for its Community Center’s beloved Martina Alarcon.

“For us, moving into this house has been a huge unexpected help and blessing. We got the news when we most needed it. My youngest daughter was going through some health issues and this house enabled us to provide a safe, healing place for her. Our commute to work and school is no longer a burden, which alleviates the stress of gas prices. Expenses have become more manageable and we live in a nice, safe neighborhood. My goal for the future, God willing, is to have the possibility to buy my own house.”

Alexa, Martina & Ruth


The easiest way to learn more about our work and how you can get involved is to contact us.

We are happy to walk through our detailed process and answer questions not covered here.

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Address:  3560 Farm Hill Blvd., Redwood City, CA 94061