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Expand the availability of below-market rentals for staff and disciple property owners about the opportunity to bless.

Hear from the family living in one of the homes Aslan manages:

We just moved into a beautiful 3/2 house that Aslan found, fixed up, and manages in Emerald Hills. We were getting evicted so our previous landlord could sell. Not only did we find a home in our kids’ school boundary, but the rent is below-market and we can increase our savings.

As a PCC Preschool teacher with 3 kids and a husband in nonprofit ministry, this is a huge blessing. Also, Aslan made the entire process simple and full of dignity.

— W.G.


Many older adults need support and compassion as they transition houses from the family home to a rental property. Aslan is here to serve them AND ministry tenants.

Hear the story of the Hamilton house:

In 1968, I was 11 and we moved from Colorado into this brand new house. Soon we were attending PCC. My mom, Carol Lind, worshipped at PCC till she moved to Covenant Living Colorado. We knew our family wanted to help PCC staff with our house. Gary Gaddini told us about Aslan. Aslan has been a great help. They arranged all the work on the house and found a ministry family as tenants. That family gets a below-market rental, my mom’s costs are covered, and we can defer the sale until a more advantageous time for our family. This has been an extra value as mom and I are in Colorado.

— John Lind

Marlin House: Tranquility for a local Covenant pastor

Aslan has been a very big help to us with a family home we wanted to rent. Their guidance on getting the place ready was extremely helpful. They advised us through the whole process of preparing the home for renting. Aslan found qualified prospective ministry tenants, handled the home showings, and the lease.

This ministry is such a blessing to us as property owners and to our tenants. We feel great knowing that with Aslan’s help we are able to meet our need to rent the home and bless someone in ministry.

— Ron Dahlin