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We are thankful for Aslan’s superstar Real Estate team.

We asked them, “Why Aslan?”


Who?  Lori Burrows Warren

Why Aslan?

“I believe God puts us in unique positions to use our God-given skills, abilities, and experiences. Why do I partner with Aslan? To invest in future generations by helping pastors and nonprofit leaders get into sustainable housing so, in turn, these individuals can raise their families and invest in our local communities. Working with Aslan is part of my legacy as a real estate professional.”



Who?  J.D. Anagnostou

Why Aslan?

“He gave it all freely and with love beyond comprehension for me. So, the least that I can do in this life for Him is the best that I can. I will never forget the sacrifice on that cross.”





Who?  Pam Tyson

Why Aslan?

“To invest in supporting Aslan is to invest in the Kingdom of God and spread his gifts to the world.”






What? These Four Real Estate Deals!


King House

Pam took the lead in supporting Aslan as we wrote a pre-market offer and acquired the house next door to PCC. J.D. helped kick the tires during inspections.

All pro bono. Amen!

Jefferson Parcel

We are under contract to sell a sliver of land PCC owns that is not developable. Two neighbors paid all the costs of surveying and splitting the parcel. For J.D. and Pam, it’s been almost two years of what must feel like herding cats. Thanks for the pro bono service.

43 Woodsworth

Lori, Pam, and J.D. worked tirelessly as we evaluated what to do with the Woodsworth home. Well, Praise The Lord, a sale closed escrow today! Thanks to all three agents for the incredible work getting it ready for market, coordinating contractors, and working to get us multiple offers. The discounted commissions and donations are yet another huge blessing!

YoungLife RWC/SC

The first pickle out of the jar! Our first Down Payment Assistance Program deal just closed in RWC. Aslan coordinated an equity share with investors and the local YoungLife leader. Lori was in on the ground floor as the agent. She reassured the sellers to make sure we closed. Again with the clutch donation! Plus: Shout-out to Darcy Gamble who rolled with the complex deal as she subbed in as agent when the buyers decided to buy a house listed with Lori. Thanks!!!